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Couples Intensive Program

What is a Couples Intensive Program?

Couples Intensives Programs is a set amount of time where extended sessions are booked consecutively, and the length of time and dates are specific to the couples needs and decided upon during initial booking. You can choose a specific package once we have had a consult and decide what is best for you both. The focus of the intensive is on the core problems that exist between two people who would like the relationship to work but feel stuck as to how to make positive changes. These sessions are strategically tailored to your individual needs and goals, in order to maximize the benefits that you will both gain in the Couples Intensive Program. While the intensive will focus on the relationship, we will also be digging into what makes each of you individually and as a couple struggle, allowing for more vulnerability and emotional intimacy to be developed. Many of us carry unresolved wounds which may not always be conducive to resolving and forming healthy relationships. Our work together will focus on everyone’s difficulties and blind spots, as well as the relationship symptoms and problems.

My Couples Intensive Program will help you and your partner identify the issues of conflict within your relationship, and truly understand why they are there. We will take apart your relationship patterns and learn how to build patterns that work towards your ideal relationship. You will learn what changes are needed in the relationship and in the behaviour of each partner, for both of you to feel satisfied with the relationship.

This is a very efficient way to achieve the relationship success you have been hoping for!

Who Should Attend?

These programs are designed for couples who are determined and committed to the therapeutic process. Couples must be ready to set aside a significant amount of time for each session, as well as time on their own time for individual and couples’ homework. While I strive to make all of our sessions informative, comfortable and even fun, we will be discussing topics where vulnerability will be present. Our consultation will answer all questions before we begin.

 What type of sessions are available?

This is going to depend on you as a couple. How much time can you allocate in your schedule, as well as my availability. Each package consists of consultations and intake, in office sessions, individualized homework and a discount for future follow up sessions.

During our consultation we will agree upon what days of the week and type of package work best.

What is the cost?


2.5 hours x 3 days  = $1,820

3.5 hours x 4 days =  $3,335

3.5 hours x 5 days = $4,272

                                        How do you get started?

Once you and your partner have discussed your readiness for the program, reach out and I will guide you through the process. I will set up a time to have a phone consultation with each of you. We will then find a package that works for everyone and secure those spots for you. Once you have booked your package, a non-refundable payment of 50% is taken, and I will then send you each an intake form to be returned promptly! The reason for the non refundable payment is because I then block off my schedule for the time we have agreed on.

My Couples Intensive Program is designed to fast track you through the lengthy process of weekly appointments. We will make each session effective and progressive, you will leave the program with the skillset and connection that some couples take months to build.

I look forward to working with you!

~ Ginger 

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