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Are you tired of the bickering, frustration or feelings of emptiness in your relationship? Or do you have difficulties developing and/or maintaining healthy relationships? 

It can be difficult to go to couples counselling, particularly for the first time. Finding a therapist that you can both feel comfortable with is an important, and at times challenging process. You likely want someone that can help give you direction and tools, but also someone you both connect with and feel supported by. I too feel this is important, and strive to provide my clients with an experience that is compassionate, competent and resourceful . For many years I have worked with couple's issues and concerns in this manner. I specialize in helping couples learn new behaviour patterns, move forward and heal their pain.

 Couples counselling is designed to increase your bond, learn how to better understand each other’s perspectives and to help you connect as a team with your partner. Together, you will learn to communicate, get your needs met and appreciate why the two of you chose your commitment in the first place. We will work together to break through unconscious patterns that are keeping you from getting what you want in a relationship.

Let's restart your relationship!

Ginger Henderson, 


106-4475 Viewmont Ave , Victoria

British Columbia Canada V8Z 5K8

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