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Are you a new parent? Trying to parent a teenager and feeling out of control? Has there been a recent trauma in your family? Trying to co-parent after divorce? I can help!

As a mom of two teenagers I have been through many roller-coaster rides, some of which you may be experiencing right now.

The emotions that go with parenting can be overwhelming at times.

We all love our children, because this love is different than the way we love any other person in our lives the emotions that go with it are always more intense and consuming.

Counselling with me will provide you with a safe space to process the experiences and emotions of being a parent. I can guarantee we will do this free from the guilt trips and opinionated advice that are all too common in our culture. Together we will help you develop tools and strategies geared towards your specific circumstances, as each family and child will have specific needs. My goal will be for you to feel empowered and confident in your parenting role, while helping you set up successful patterns in your daily life, leading you to a closer and more balanced relationship with your children.

While each parent/child connection will be worked through on an individual basis, some of the topics we will work through will be :

  • Understanding why children misbehave
  • Decreasing power struggles
  • Discipline with dignity and respect
  • Self care for the parents
  • Best 'language' to use with your child.
  • Taming tantrums
  • Teens Online, what you need to know!
  • Bullying
  • Ages, Stages and Changes
  • Working with Teens
  • Substance use and your teen
  • Teaching your child how to have healthy relationships
  • Positive patterns
  • How does trust play a role in raising children.
  • Siblings Without Rivalry
  • Being a positive role model
  • Taming the TV (and Electronic Devices)
  • Having a balanced family

Unfortunately, life can throw us serious curve balls such as trauma, divorce, death of a family member etc, these are times when your children will need you to guide them the most, yet you may be at a loss yourself. If you feel you, or you and your spouse need guidance and support while you navigate through your parenting role, please contact me.

Below is a quick radio interview I recently did, regarding talking to your kids about sex, pornography and the internet.

Talking to Your Kids about Online Safety

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