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Here are what a few clients have wanted to share to my future clients.

Ginger was a major factor in my ability to return to work, after a year off struggling with, at times, debilitating anxiety. With her support and expertise I was able to learn individualized tools to assist me in working through my struggles. I am now able to understand my triggers and why they happen as well as work through them and be able to work full time, with ease. My husband and friends have seen such a difference in my ability to live life! I now have 'maintenance' sessions with Ginger, these monthly visits help keep me in check and I look forward to them. I wish everyone with anxiety would work with Ginger.

My husband and I began to work with Ginger while struggling with fertility issues. At such a low and emotionally draining time in our lives we needed guidance and compassionate support. Having someone like Ginger to confide our fears, anger and sadness in helped us work through each emotion carefully and successfully. It wasn't until we sought help that I realized how our fertility struggles were really effecting my husband, and his need to share what he was feeling. This awareness was key to us working as a team through all the emotions we were experiencing, bringing us closer together.

Thankfully our fertility treatment ended with us having a beautiful baby girl! Ginger was the first person I called when the exhaustion and overload of parenting started to take place, as it always does.

If it has been as a supportive ear, a couples therapist or a parenting coach Ginger has the ability to support us at every angle we have needed.

I recommend anyone struggling to work with Ginger if they are needing help in any aspect!

There was a point in life I had to make some major life changes and I didn't know who to turn to. I felt I couldn't speak to my usual support group of friends or family as I was gay and had not told anyone. Ginger's compassion towards my fears and her non-judgmental way of helping me organize my thoughts are what got me to the place I am today. My friends and family know I am gay and I am gaining confidence every day about who I am. I will always be thankful to Ginger for her support during this life transition. I truly feel I could talk to Ginger about anything.

Ginger Henderson, 


106-4475 Viewmont Ave , Victoria

British Columbia Canada V8Z 5K8

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